What to do now?

Besides progressing, I mean… Yeah, we are still struggling with Rag25HC, but that is the case if you change half of the guild roster every week… I must mention about hunter applicants by now. I got used to being the only hunter in a guild for around 3 years now, but some months ago, hunters started to apply to my guild like hell. Around 20% of them were worthwhile and that made me thinking. It is a common stereotype that the hunter class has the most people who are mentally defocused (Oh boy, how nicely I said “retard”). And sadly, this stereotype seems to be based on reality. This may even enforce me to write a longer post about how they should apply to a guild or hell, even about what to do in a bossfight.

Jumping back to the original topic. What to do before the patch? Well, as I promised, I started leveling my alts now, I have 6 85s at the moment, I’m leveling my priest what’s currently 78. My warrior and mage is at 61/65. I just finished gearing up my rogue, and ganking is so much fun with it, just like old times at good old Freelancer in 2005 ^^.
Besides leveling (which I hate so much), I do oldschool instances for helping friends, and to get those missing items for my oldschool gear. As I wrote here already, I am a hardcore packrat. Still I miss a very few items, since I was unlucky back then, so I could not get the T2 shoulders, the T6 boots or the T4 shoulders.

Besides those, I am proud to say that I have the following sets on my hunter:

Full T1, 7/8 T2, some T3, 4/5 T4, Full T5, 7/8 T6, Full T7-T12, 7/8 D1, Full ZG set, Full Priest D1, Full S2

Also my rogue has 8/8 Bloodfang and 6/8 D2 and T1. Damn, they removed the D1 upgrade chain 1 day before I could complete the quest…
So this is what I’m doing at the moment… leveling and getting the gearz. I must get bigger backpacks though, my bank is already full of that stuff :).


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