My goals and my opinion

I was thinking about this before all the announcements, but they boosted my feelings about them a lot. So here is what I need to do before the release. I have plenty of time left :)

  • Level my rogue, dk, priest, mage and warrior to 85
  • Gear them up
  • Earn some gold and beat the latest PvE content with megapull among the first guilds on the server.
  • Hope that they increase the amount of characters you can have on a realm, since it should be at least 11 so you can have one char for every class.

My personal opinion about the expansion is that it will be great, despite the few changes what might seem as a letdown to certain people. Most people complain about the pandaren race, stating that kung-fu panda stuff is childish, not to mention the minipet battle system, which remembers us to pokemon, kinda. Well we need to live with the point that Blizzard needs to aim at other audiences while designing a new expansion. The goal of getting another gamers from the younger groups was always in sight of Blizzard. We can’t blame anyone for this, everyone would do this in their place. We can live with it, and I don’t think that having more players will disturb us at all.

On the other hand, the remaining changes are awesome. It seems that talents are out of the balance issue, or at least a great part of them is. They make each player more different from an other one than they did ever before. The new areas look insanely good, and the monk class might seem bad or unfamiliar for some people, but remember, we kind of forgot old Azeroth, the world without DKs and stuff.

Once me and my friend tried to lvl characters on a vanilla private server, and man, we were out of practice. We forgot that leveling was twice as slow, that mobs could actually kill us, that we died a gazillion times before reaching 60. I know that that was the spirit of the old stuff, but I dont think that many people who wants stuff like this back remembers these memories.

So fellow players, noone can be perfect, Blizzard is awesome, stop the hate. Personally I do not care about Pandaren. Yes, I feel a bit weird about them, but I might level one later on. They made changes which I ranted about as everyone else, that happens (Though, we got used to these changes by now). Yes, we have our own ideas about changing the game, and sure some of them are great, but Blizzard can not listen to everyone.


  • Nice new areas
  • Interesting new class
  • More lvling (?)
  • Awesome talent changes
  • Insane amount of added PvE and PvP stuff
  • Other minor changes(compared to these) and new stuff implemented
  • Finally, world PvP and PvE/PvP balance??


  • Fluffy, cute, badass pandaren? (BTW, they are neutral only until lvl 10!)
  • Childish, fun and addicting, awesome pokemon fights?
  • Umm… what else? Oh, no melee wep for Hunters, that sucks ;)

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