Hunter changes in the expansion / new talent system

As we should know by now, there will be a brand new talent system! We have to choose from 3 utility-like abilities at every 15th level. This is a GREAT idea if you ask me, since these are mostly not dps differences but they make the classes more different from each other. Also they are way too much awesome as I looked them over. Do not worry if you don’t find your favorite class’ ability in your future talent trees, that means that you get it basicly. Also we learn new spells automatically which is awesome.

Now on to the hunter changes!

  • Being the only class who uses ranged weapons! (Awesome.)
  • No melee weapons. (Meh.)
  • No deadzone! (Finally, oh my god this will be nice)

Here are our new talents. If you ask me, my choice is Venom tipped – Intimidation – Exhilaration – Iron Hawk – Readiness/Fervor – Transmorph Trap. The way of awesomeness.


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