Diablo II FTW

Recently I started playing with Diablo II and it is just as awesome as it was back then. Just finished Nightmare with my lvl 60 barbarian. Also fetched my druid and necro from an old floppy disk so I could see my bad talent trees again. I highly recommend this game for everyone :)

WoW wise there was not much going on, I plan on leveling my rogue to 85 since that was the first class I started playing with. Gankage ftw I guess. I also miss my enha shaman since I loved playing with that character but I should gear it up again and that’s something I don’t have the patience for.
Anyways, I’ll try to make some PvP footage with my hunter since I got full pvp set finally (Only a year late, lol), so I can gank stuff once again.


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