NPCScan for Dummies

I decided to write a short yet compete guide about this nifty addon for every pet-hunter out there.

Getting started

For those who don’t know about this, this is an addon what alerts you with a sound and a warning when a pre-specified rare mob is nearby. No targetting or tracking is needed, the addon does it for you. Basicly all you need to do is fly over the spawnspots or camp one.

It is called NPCScan and it can be downloaded from Curse.

NPCScan in the addon menu

Extract the files into your WoW/Interface/Addons folder and you will be fine. After logging in to the game, check the addon screen. You should see something like this:

The first one is the addon itself, and the second one is for the map overlay, which marks the spawnspots on the map with nice colours so you do not need to check WoWhead maps. Let’s enter the game and set up the addon itself!

Basic Settings

Type in /npcscan after you are logged in. That will bring up the main menu. There are several menu points what we are interested in, but the most important one is the Search menu. Select it at the left side and you shall see this menu:

Search menu

You’ll see a list of NPCs there. The red X near the NPC means that that one is cached already, so the addon will not warn you even if you are standing on top of that particular NPC. You’ll find out about resetting the cache later.

You can start finding NPCs already but sometimes the desired NPC is not on the list. Adding an NPC is easy, just enter the creature’s ID in the field labeled “NPC ID”, and set up a name for it in the Name field. You can leave the World field (or even the Name field) empty, the addon will work it out itself.

Adding a new NPC

You can get the NPC ID by going to wowhead and search for the NPC. Then you can copy the ID from the browser bar.

Getting the NPC ID from the browser

After you wrote the data in, click on the “+” button at the right side of the World field. Congrats, you can now start searching for NPCs!
Though there are many things that can be set and which help you a lot.

Other settings

The map overlay comes in very handy if you do not know where are the spawnpoints of a certain NPC.

Deepholm's NPCScan map

You can turn the overlay on/off by clicking the “NPCs” button in the corner. As you can see, this makes NPC finding a lot easier. There is a separate menu for the overlay, where you can set up the opacities and stuff:

Overlay menu

The minimap option allows the overlay to show up on the minimap aswell. You can also set a 100yard circle around you which shows the approximate detection range. Now let’s specify a sound for the warning, so you can wake up even at 3 AM to tame or kill whatever you want! Go to the main menu of NPCScan.

Main Menu

There are some other obvious stuff there aswell, but what we need is the sound. Test them all and select what you like the most (or, as I did, select the most annoying one).  Then click on the Test Found Alert button. This will warn you for finding yourself if as you were a rare mob. This is what it’ll look like:

Testing NPC found alert

If you click on the alert, it will target the mob, which always comes in handy, since most ppl are way too excited to do any kinds of precise movements what require patience when they finally see the mob spawning.

Now about the most important part of the addon, the caching:


NPCScan remembers anything it detects, and it won’t warn you the second time you find something. “Who cares?” You may ask, but sadly, it caches already tamed creatures since they retain their ID after being tamed. So if you are camping a rare pet and an other hunter comes by, calls his own pet, your addon will go off on it, and you’ll need to exit WoW and reset the cache to continue camping. Here’s how to do it:

  1. You need to exit from WoW
  2. Go to WoW\Cache\WDB\enGB
  3. Make a backup of creaturecache.wdb if you want
  4. Delete creaturecache.wdb
  5. Log in – the red crosses gone.

I hope you enjoyed this small guide about NPCscan. I hope you’ll find many pets with its aid :)


10 responses to “NPCScan for Dummies

  1. Ok I don’t mean to be retarded, but I downloaded this add on, but the necessary folders in the right place. I log in and type /npcscan and it says the unable blah blah blah thing. Also I don’t know where or how to find the addon screen you are showing above… what am I doing wrong? Thank you for your time.


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  3. Ok – first off I’ll admit it’s probably OE, but. . . .once you kill a rare mob shouldn’t it delete from the list? Or asked another way – is there a way to see which NPC’s I still have to find? (I know there is a “check mark” next to them if you kill the mobs needed for an achievement) I want to be able to look at the list and see who is left so I can be sure to KILL THEM ALL – lol Thanks!


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