Ok, I know that everyone is talking about this _indeed_ awesome feature of the next content patch. I think I am the happiest about this implementation. I always wanted to raid in my full T1 set which I got back then. But I feared that I can’t use Rhok’delar in the future, since it’s a bow, and the BIS ranged weapon probably won’t be a bow in the next patch. Also nowadays if we skip the HC Rag bow which is unreachable for the masses, there are crossbows mainly.

But then I read this:

  • You cannot change weapon or armor types. So, mutilate rogues cannot use Chromatically Tempered Sword, DKs cannot look like druids.
  • However, guns, bows, and crossbows are an exception to the rule.

Awesome! Now I only need to get the Bloodfang helm for my rogue and I’m all set! Though I don’t know yet if I’m gonna use the T2 or… the dungeon set 2 which is unobtainable atm, and even back then, it was a PAIN to get it. For example you needed a quest item which you could receive in mail every few days with a few percent droprate….

Awesome wowhead guide about transmogrification, with FAQ and a database of kick-ass oldschool gear.


One response to “Transmogrification

  1. I’m also looking forward to Transmogrification but I don’t like how they haven’t told us what gear “replicas” are going to be available during the Darkmoon Faire. I wouldn’t farm full sets of gear just yet. :3


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