Teh Great 4.2 Rare Pet Guide

… Brought to you by Megapull, who camped these dudes for 3 straight days or something and does not know the difference between day and night atm.

UPDATES! You can find all the pets being tamed on my youtube channel. Also I wrote an NPCScan guide which can be found here.

As all of you may know, 4.2 introduced 10 rare pets, and all of them require a special method to tame. Here we will go through all of them, one by one. I recorded a quick vid aswell showing how to get to the spawnspots. You can find it at the end of the post.

Alright, let’s get this done.

The pets are: Magria, Ahnka, Ban’thalos, Kirix, Solix, Skitterflame, Anthriss, Deth’tilac, Skarr and Karkin. Let’s put them into groups.

  • Magria, Ahnka and Ban’thalos are Spirit beasts and require BM spec. They are found in Hyjal.
  • Kirix, Solix, Skitterflame and Deth’tilac are spiders. They are found in the Molten Front.
  • Solix and Skitterflame have got non elite easytame versions with the same skin. They are found in the Molten Front.
  • Skarr is a cat, shared spawn with Karkin. They are found in the Molten Front.
  • Karkin is a crab, shared spawn with Skarr. They are found in the Molten Front.

Facts: Skarr, Karkin and Deth’tilac are the most sought after pets. Skarr looks cool and is rare as hell, Karkin aswell, and Deth’tilac is the rarest and hardest to tame. Also he’s got an unique spider skin.

Click for the guide:

Here is a summarizing map of the Molten Front pets. We will talk about the other ones later. (MSpaint ftw)

So let’s start with the ones I’ve tamed or helped in their taming.

  He spawns on any of the ledges surrounding Fireplume Peak. I saw him spawning three times on one of the left platforms on the steps leading up to the peak, and I tamed him on the eastern platforms. Spawn timer is 6-12 hours, but I saw it spawn earlier than six hours. I witnessed a total of 6 spawns, and most of them were in 8 hours or something. I tamed it after 12 hours. He is an easy tame, but you need to spec into silencing shot for maximum ensurement. That is because he starts casting Fieroclast Barrage asap you hit Tame Beast. He casts fireballs aswell but he interrupts himself when you hit Tame. The trick is to shoot him, then quickly tame, to interrupt his fireball, then silence the Fieroclast Barrage with Silencing Shot and then Tame Beast and he is all yours. Theres a helpful buff you can get there what increases your haste by 100%. You can get it by using the big jump at the end of the platforms leading to the peak. You just take a right turn when you are on the platforms and there is a larger platform with a big red heatwave coming up from it. Just camp there, and when you see Skarr, just jump and go for him. One thing you must be aware of is that you jump very high with that buff, so if Skarr spawns elsewhere than East, you might have problems. (e.g. jumping on platforms.) Beware, when he sees you he starts spamming fireballs, so you might FD before you begin the tame process. He shares a spawntimer and spawnplace with Karkin, the crab.

  He spawns on the same spots as Skarr, and the timer is the same, since they have a shared spawn. It’s not always Karkin spawning after Skarr or vice versa though. I saw the following rotation: Karkin-Skarr-Skarr-Skarr-Karkin-Skarr. He is tamed by the exact same method as Skarr. I recommend using the big jump haste buff here aswell.


  He is the hardest and the rarest. Thankfully he has got a single spawn point (See map above).Spawntimer is 6-17 hours. I got mine after 11 hours and 3 previous spawns which I lost the roll on/missed/passed to a friend. He’s got 70 Million HP, and he is immune to Tame Beast above 20% hp. He also needs to be attacked CONSTANTLY (serpent sting is a good choice), and he moves slow when he is attacked. You need to kite this dude. He oneshots everything in meleerange, and when he does that, he loses 10% of his HP. So here’s what you need to do: You need to chain-rez your pet. To start, stand at max range, put down an ice trap, and send in your pet. Keep concussive and serpent sting up. (Snaketrap does not work afaik) When your pet dies, run at max range, have an icetrap, ress your pet, and repeat. When you are out of space, you need to turn around by a clever disengage. Boss moves very slow, so it is doable. As soon as he reaches 20% hp, ress your pet and dismiss it if you did not do so before, then hit Tame beast. He does not try to interrupt it or something. If you master the kite method then it’s not too hard. You can do it with help. I helped to my hunter friend by standing on the other side of the of Deth, and we rotated Feign Death, so the boss went back and forth between us. Also he lost HP quicker because of the 2 pets. Another great helper class is the Druid, because he can root the spider, so you don’t need to kite at all. In fact, you only need to chainress pet and tame.


  He resides in the Ingenous Caverns in the lava pools. He is pretty large though so you can’t miss him :P He’s got haste and speed buffs on him. The thing you need to do is to place ice traps and kite him through it as many times as needed. When he loses his buffs, just hit tame. He has got a very small hitbox, so be prepared for that, because he evades traps easily. All you need to care about is that he MUST NOT REACH YOU. So keep up concussive at all times, and use pack aspect when needed. When he is tameable (loses his buff), stand at max range and tame. Every spider except Deth has a 6-12 hour spawn timer, they do not share it.


  He patrols south from Fireplume peak. He runs fast as hell, so be on your toes. Also he oneshots you basically, and he has a silencing and healing reducement aura. All you need to do is to stand on the lone rock between you and Kirix (So not the pair of rocks or the group of rocks, there is a lone rock.), shoot him (he will evade a bit then begins to cast the ultimate spell), get BL from a previously tamed Core hound or your friend and Deterrence+tame. You need to be uber fast since it can kill you in 2 seconds. Timing is crucial here. You don’t need any strategies here, just pure speed.


  This one is kinda easy. He sits in the lava pool at Fireplume Peak (see map above). He is immune to tame until his energy is below 20, and he DIES if he reaches 0 energy. He regains 100 energy if he moves through lava. He hits kinda hard aswell but its survivable. The lower his energy the lower he hits. You can use Scare Beast, Scatter, Concussive, everything. Be sure to clear the area from mobs before taming. Kite him into Freezing traps, those make him lose energy. When he is below 20, you might need to break your trap to protect him from death. Just stand in range or CC him (fear or slow trap, scatter or just pop deterrence) and hit Tame.


  He spawns at 54,39 ish at the Magma Springs (see map). He webs you which does damage and limits movement speed. You need to dive in the lava (until a breath meter shows up) to dispel the web. No other magic stuff here, just get in the lava and hit tame :P (Deterrence is welcome here though, as it is everytime) Just make sure that you are deep enough in the lava.


He spawns in the Hyjal daily quest area. (Location marked with circle here) Spawntimer is 6-17 hours. He flies high in the air, so the pulling part is the hard part here. You can use Levitate, Slowfall, Parachute and Disengage above ground to survive the fall. Fly up to him, shoot him, survive, put down a freezing trap and tame. He is a spirit beast, so you need to be BM specced.


He spawns in the Hyjal daily area aswell, he has got 2 spawn points, and a timer of 6-17 hours. The trick here is that you need ZERO armor to tame him, otherwise you’ll get oneshotted. So get naked, trap and tame. He is nonagressive, and shares a spawn with Anhka. Same skin as Gondria, different glow. 



To be honest, Wowhead does not have him in the database, but afaik (99%), he shares spawns with Magria. The tactics to tame him are the same aswell, so prepare to get naked ;) Also nonagressive spiritbeast here, same skin as Gondria, just with a different glow.



Okay. We breezed through all the new rares, now heres some hints about getting them:

Get NPCSCAN. It alerts you when it finds a rare mob with a sound, and it targets it for you. To set it up, just install it, type /npcscan and at the bottom you see 3 rows. You must write in the NPC ID in to the first zone only, you can leave the other 2 empty. How to get an NPC ID? Just search for the NPC in wowhead, and look at the link in your browser, for example http://www.wowhead.com/npc=50959. The last few number is what you need. Just enter that into the addon, and click on the + button at the bottom right. Voila, you’re set.

Only thing you need to be aware of that the addon goes off on tamed pets. Also if the addon goes off, the mob will we cached and the addon won’t alert you next time. You can check the mob’s status by entering the addon, and if there is a red X mark near the NPC’s name or ID, then it is cached. To reset the cache (you need to do that everytime the addon does a false alarm on the pet you want), enter wowfolder\Cache\WDB\enGB and delete the file named creaturecache. You need to exit WoW to do that.

Video uploaded!


One response to “Teh Great 4.2 Rare Pet Guide

  1. For BanThalos. Stand on top of the tree closest to the shrine. It is hard to figure but you can do it. Then when Ban comes by, mount up go straight up just enough to shoot him. So you got it like this. Mount, fly up, dismount, shoot, land on top of tree, deterence, trap, tame. There ya go. Deterence because when he gets in range of you he will moonfire you. Which means dead hunter. So he can ne done without a parachute of any kind.


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