8 new rare pets in 4.2!

Pure awesomeness!

8 new rare tamable beasts have been added, each of which provides a unique taming challenge. Will you be the first hunter to tame Deth’tilac, the rarest and most powerful of them all? Players will need to progress through the Hyjal Regrowth and Molten Front daily questing areas in order to unlock access to the full gamut of taming challenges.

That means that the beasts will be in a phased zone I guess. Why is Deth’tilac the most powerful? Because it will be damn hard to tame him. He’s got a buff which protects him from being tamed when not on low hp. But he also has 38 745 000 HP. Also he has got an ability what instantly kills a player but it costs him 10% HP. I think the time has come again to bring our friends for a taming process.

Ban’thalos, Anhka, Magria, Solix, Kirix, Anthriss, Deth’tilac and Skitterflame. Gotta catch’em all.
Original guides at WoWhead and Petopia. Why copypaste ? :D


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