Story of the Kings

Let me take you back to Vanilla again. Pet stats are different, every hunter is seeking unique pets with high DPS… You need to tame a pet and wait until you learn how to teach a specific spell to your next pet. Feed pet costed mana for a while. Pet talents are nowhere. Pets can attack you or leave you if you do not feed them at all. There were a few pets out there what ruled in PvE and/or PvP…

Broken Tooth

Back then, Spirit Bond was a 31-point talent (Before 1.7 I would guess), which caused your pet to heal you for a small amount with every melee hit. This pet made Beast Mastery hunters immortal. I’m not kidding. This pet had an 1.0 attack speed along with the Bloodseeker Bat, but this was the ultimate choice of most hunters… With the Burning Crusade normalization, this pet had its attack speed increased to 2.0 seconds :/. Rest in peace. But still, he gained 10 levels with Cataclysm, he is lvl 47 now. Also, if I am correct, he was on a shared spawn with the surrounding, stealthing cats. So you needed to grind and use Eagle Eye repeatedly. I heard stories of him not spawning at all.

King Bangalash

I must resist being emotional here, since I’m talking about my good old pet here, pwning gnomes with me since the beginning. I am talking about the King of Stranglethorn. He was a level 43 elite cat, spawning two adds, and aggroing everything in close range when pulled. He had the highest Claw rank available when tamed, aswell as Cobra Reflexes if I am correct. However, I needed to tame a Thousand Needles panther to teach him Stealth :). Cataclysm affected him bad, he got nerfed to lvl 29, but that means that more hunters can tame him now. He will be ace forever, out-DPSing the other kitties :)


Now we are talking about the ultimate pet. I mean this was (And I think if more people would know about him, he still would be) the rarest and coolest of all the pets in Azeroth. Back then he had an insane spawn time, close to two days. Many-many hunters camp him nowadays aswell. (I think spawn time got nerfed to 12-16 hours or something.) Until Cataclysm, you could get this pet by cheating a bit (if you were horde), since a quest mob had the same skin. Now he got his skin changed after many years. (Picture is his old skin.) Now he is black and white and looks the same as the NE starting pet… What a shame. So if you need the old version, do the quest, and remember Rak’shiri :C Of course, the change caused a big wave of disappointment over the hunters who have tamed him.

But still, even the old pets got their model changed into this:
Too bad. Still beautiful, but completely lost its sentimental value. At least Broken Tooth and Bangalash have their old model.


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