Hunters in 4.0.6

So I tried out all three specs, and all I can say is: MM beats SV hard.
Pic is Magmaw, only for illustration purposes :D Add phase was fucked up bad.

I did 15k  with SV, and 18k+ with MM in long practice sessions. (Full unbuffed, normal dummy)

Preferred talent spec: Marksmanship 6/32/3
Glyphs: Kill Shot, Steady Shot, Chimera Shot (Serpent glyph boosts damage less than these three)
Rotation: Kill>Serpent>Aimed>Chimera>Steady. Of course you need to manage your cd macroes, etc depending on raid situation, this is just a super quick recap.

(If you have no clue at all, read the more detailed section please)

UPDATE: I see the many views on this post, so I feel I must add something more detailed. Also, I had the time to test MM on hardmodes and stuff.

So, more detailed MM Rotation: We’re assuming you’re just starting the fight. Mark ( I know Arcane/Chimera gives mark, but you have the time before you pull something.), then Serpent, Chimera, then twoSteady Shots to gain the haste buff. I have 50% haste at this time. Then cast an Aimed Shot. Steady x2, then Chimera, Steady until you can do an Aimed if you have (you should have if you follow me well) enough CD left from Chimera. Then just keep this up. You fire some Aimeds every time you can, and do not panic if you can not cast Chimera Shot as soon as its off CD. Aimed Shot is more important. Also, when you have Rapid Fire or/and Bloodlust, you may find yourself firing 2 Aimeds in a row, since you’ll gain focus like hell (I mean 230% ish haste). Don’t forget about the Steady buffs this time.

Also, MM needs a lot of haste as you may know. But dont let your other stats go too far down to gain a load of haste. You’ll still need crit and mastery. But aim for haste gear mainly, to gain enough. I currently have around 17.8 % unbuffed haste.

Edit: Loronar pointed out that during the first 20% of the fight, you might not need to cast Chimera Shots at all, as Aimed Shot/Steady benefits from Careful Aim. I was thinking about this too before writing this post, but tests did not show much difference for me. I think I’m gonna look at it again.

Other stuff, BM changes, fixes and opinions below the click.

I also feel important to talk about other stuff. The T11 4pc setbonus was changed to something not as bad as the previous one. 0.2 sec less cast time for Cobra n Steady. I crafted the alch stone aswell, it gives a passive 341 agility while providing some critrating and the potion buff. Also, don’t forget to change your metagems back onto the 3% crit one. Engineers, enchant your gloves with Synapse strings, it now gives agility, though on the engineering panel it says “0 intellect”. On the enchanted glove it will say it properly. Macro it to Chimera or something useful ;)

They made some fine changes without telling about them in the patch notes. I’m speaking about the reforging NPC, you finally dismount when going in, and you can reforge while you have your extended character panel active. There are a lot of things like this, so it’s kinda good.

BeastMastery is feeling strange for me. I saw that they made some good buffs (10% ap increase, 20% kill command buff etc), but while pwning the target dummy, I did not experience a big change. Cute yellow numbers were not as big as I expected, but my dps increased.  It was a huge satisfaction seeing 60 000 and stuff like that on MM, but it felt very awkward to pvp with it. Then I went into SotA and played the first round in MM, and the second in BM. BM was awesome. Killing blows and 30k kill commands everywhere. MM was strangely not good for me. It’s good to run around with fox and shooting everything like normal, but still, except for a few huge crit moments, it was boring, and it provided less survivability. And do not get me wrong, MM is good for pvp, just it feels awkward to me, though I PvPed the entire WotLK as MM. I need to get used to it.


4 responses to “Hunters in 4.0.6

  1. I think you’re forgetting a minor detail. If you’re starting the fight, Careful Aim applies, so I usually don’t apply Serpent Sting and use Chimera Shot until the boss is at 80%. It should provide you with more burst DPS in the beginning.


    • You may be right, I tested it though, and either the difference is so little, or there was no difference at all, or maybe I just got lucky with chimera crits all way long. Useful info though, post updated. :)


      • It’s possible. I think in most cases, Serpent Sting and Chimera Shot won’t catch up to the Aimed Shots, especially if Rapid Fire is active during that first 20%.


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