Unique pets in Cataclysm

Here is a list of pets what are unique, rare-elite and originally meant to be hunter pets.
I managed to tame Sambas and Ghostcrawler pretty early. The rest will follow soon :) Also, I share some general taming advices at the bottom.


lvl 85 Rare
Spirit Beast (Ferocity)
116,235 Health
Location: Twilight Highlands

This beauty has the exact same skin as the famous Grimtotem Spirit Guide had. Now it’s available for every Beastmaster out there. It does not patrol, so it might be pretty easy to camp. Only trouble is that there are many-many hunters seeking him, and also there are a lot of farmers in TH.


lvl 85 Rare
Spirit Beast(Ferocity)
1,549,800 Health
Location: Abyssal Depths in Vashj’ir

This one can be the hardest to tame. I tell you why:
12 hour spawn time (I personally think its more than that, around 30 hours), It patrols a laarge zone, and it goes in/out of stealth… Yea. Reports say that if someone attacks him in mid-tame, he will reset and go into stealth right away. You can track him, but that does not mean that you’ll see him. I wanted to tame him again, to record it, and I recorded him walking around me, then he disappeared and I searched for him for a good 15 minutes since I managed to get him. Also, he hits like a truck, spams the Nerfbat ability (what decreases all stats you got), and is immune to traps. GL finding this beauty. (I only managed to tame him because there were barely any 85 hunters at that time.)


lvl 85 Rare
116,235 Health
Location: Twilight Highlands

Ok, so here we are at the first one who does not require you to be BM. Also he’s beautiful. He does not patrol, but once again, his zone is crowded with farmers and other hunters. I tamed him at the top right spawn point. He’s got a pounce attack. Also who wouldn’t tame a pet who has the same model as the Alliance guild mount?


lvl 81 Rare
111,561 Health
Location: Hyjal

Here is your best-looking tank pet (arguably). It’s a turtle on fire, how awesome’s that? Only thing is you need to level him, but who cares. He’s got a small spawnzone at the East of Sulfuron Spire. Once again, it’s a good place to camp, but many others do so. Go there once a day and check if he’s there. Of course you can always go hardcore, but read my advices at the end and then decide.


lvl 84 Rare
96,744 Health
Location: Uldum

This dude is the pet version of the Horde guild mount. He spawns with a random color (five possible), and he does not patrol. All of his spawn points are north of Ramkahen, between the two heavily farmed rivers. This one also needs some leveling since he’s 84.

General pet taming advices

Ok, so you have chosen the pet of your dreams, now you need to tame it. Most dream-pets are heavily camped. I tell you: The element of luck is VERY strong here. You can go and camp it for ages, only to have someone kill it in front of you or tame it while you fall asleep.
You need to check spawnpoints every day. Just one time. It’s fast, and with luck, you have a pet. Of course sometimes you want to camp. Once again I don’t recommend that, but if you decide to go camping, download NPCscan, delete your creaturecache, set the volume to loud and go away from your computer. It won’t help if you sit there all day. I’d recommend “camping” only if you are sleeping.
Also, sometimes you feel strange and log in at 3 AM, and woop, there is your pet. Listen to your senses, young padawan (or something).

You can use this macro aswell:

/tar sambas
/tar any other pet you wanna tame, you can write as much as you want under the first one
/stopmacro [noexists]
/script PlaySound(“RaidWarning”)
/run RaidNotice_AddMessage(RaidBossEmoteFrame,”THERE HE IS !”, ChatTypeInfo[“RAID_WARNING”])

Also, have a good contact with people in General chat, other hunters, etc. If you have a farmer friend, thats the best. You can ask him to tell you if he saw something rare.

You must know, I only camped the Spirit Bear in Grizzly Hills, since he’s got only one spawnspot. Also, many people know me ingame as the “unlucker”. I never got anything easily in the game. BUT: I did my spawnpoint check route every day 1-2 times, and I got:

2 spirit bears, 3 gondrias, 2 skoll’s, 3 loque’nahaks, 2 ghostcrawlers, sambas, 2x rak’shiri (48 hour spawn time!), and I got all these at “peak time” (e.g I got rak’shiri at Vanilla).

Good luck taming!


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