Reputation “guide”

Here’s a list of the reputations which give us nice rewards.

It’s best to begin with Guardians of Hyjal, so if you are newly dinged, grind for them, because you will be already around revered, since the amount of rep you gain from Hyjal questing. You can get the tabard after you finished in Hyjal and grind some heroics.

  • Revered: iLvL 346 Neck
  • Exalted: iLvL 359 Boots (epix)

Vendor: Provisioner Whitecloud, right at the first house in Hyjal starting zone.

After that, go for the Earthen Ring, since there are various rewards aswell. Their rep can be increased by questing in Vashj’ir and by tabard grindage.

  • Honored: iLvL 333 Shoulders
  • Revered: iLvL 346 Cape
  • Exalted: iLvL 359 Ring

Vendor: Provisioner Arok, in the Silver Tide Hollow of the Shimmering Expanse in Vashj’ir. (Underwater mushroom-like rock)

After that, it is mainly your choice about what will be the next. Personally, I grind for Ramkahen. Uldum quests are raising this one to around honored. It is enough to only raise this to revered, since we need the head enchant.

  • Honored: iLvL 333 Belt
  • Revered: Head enchant (!)
  • Exalted: Mount

Vendor: Blacksmith Abasi at Ramkahen.

Then we will also need Therazane for the shoulder enchants. We start with them at hated, but after doing a short questline in deepholm, it is raised to Friendly. Tabard is available.

  • Honored & Exalted: Shoulder enchants
  • Revered: iLvL 346 Ring

If you are in need of a helm, farm Dragonmaw Clan until revered. Twilight Highlands quests add a lot of reputation to them, until around honored.

  • Revered: iLvL 346 Helm

Vendor: Grot Deathblow in Bloodgulch, Twilight Highlands.

Hellscream’s Reach is the Tol’Barad reputation. Rewards are awesome, and they are bought by commendation badges earned by daily quests. You can gain reputation by:

Killing Argaloth in VoA 2.0 (Baradin Hold) -250 rep.
Winning the Tol’barad battle

There are two parts of Tol’Barad. The northern one is Tol’Barad Peninsula, and you can quest there whenever you want. They offer 5-6 daily quests, it depends on if you get a group quest (what gives more rep and 2 badges) or not.
All quests there reward 250 reputation and a badge, except the group quest Shark Tank which gives 350 rep and 2 badges. The southern part can be only accessed when your faction is controlling Tol’Barad. They offer 6 daily quests, and all of them gives 350 reputation.

  • Honored: iLvL 333 Trinket (It’s usable by all classes, but it is kind of worthless)
  • Revered: iLvL 346 Dagger, 1h Axe, Polearm (the real deal), and a crossbow.
  • Exalted: iLvL 359 Trinket, Mount, Flying Mount.

Vendor: Faction Base Camp, Tol’Barad Peninsula

After you got all your preciousss epix, you should go and whack someone in Bastion or BWD already ;)


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