Back after leveling/gearing

So yeah, ding, whatever. I leveled together with 2 friends of me, and we finished among the very first. Only problem was that I could only log in at 1:15, since the server was full… Anyways, I dinged, and I also tamed the Ghostcrawler pet, and started gearing already. 100k hp ftw :D

I did a LOT of HC’s (Minimum itemlvl required = 329) and I already tried out Baradin Hold with my guild, (VoA style) the fight seems easy enough, just we lacked some gear, so we decided to go back to some HC farming.
I’m farming reputation and justice points at the moment, next post will be about hunter-specific rep rewards and HC loots.

I love that the HCs are hard (at least for now), but one thing I hate is the loooong queues and the fact that many ppl leave after the first trashpack wipe. They haven’t got used to CC trash, so  they zerg in, wipe and leave. Bam, another 30min queue incoming. :/

So stay tuned for the next posts about gear what you can obtain for your hunter! :)


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