Purple kodos and lost tigers

I started a Tauren Priest recently (Purple kodos for the win), to check out the new quests and zones. Also the only class I do not have is the priest so this was a perfect opportunity to level one.

All I can say, the quests are very good, I enjoyed the Stonetalon Mountains chain, where we can see Garrosh from his more positive side :). Also, the XP is insanely good, and the zones are beautiful. Though many zones received very little modifications, I expected much more changes than I got. Anyways, this is good in some ways, because most of the old zones remained in their old state.

I leveled to 35 in 11 hours, which is kinda fast I think. But from now on, I will instance grind on holy a bit since I hate leveling from 35-45 and the instance quests are very-very good, and personally, I love the instances within this level bracket.
About the instance quests: Nearly every instance has a bunch of quests, which are located inside the instance, so you do not need to travel for them… this helps a LOT if you ask me. Many instances have quests worth a level or more.

So, I like the patch, and I can do something else besides preparing for the expansion with my main.

Oh, and on the night before the patch, I made my last Zul’Gurub run :'(
Rest in Peace Zulian Tiger, hopelessly farmed for nearly 2 years.


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