Ok, so I am back as I promised, the Taming video is rendering at the moment, it is pretty cool I think. It will be uploaded to YouTube in the early morning tomorrow, since my upload speed is BAD. Also, I want to do something else on the internet rather than waiting for the vid to upload, so I will be uploading at night. Oh, and let’s pray that I chose songs that YouTube loves :/

Sadly, my account is frozen at the moment, since I decided to take a two-week break, since there is nothing to do in game at the moment, I’ll go back to gaming on Monday.  (Oh, yes, if someone reads this from my guild, then this is the case, and also, guild forum login system is screwed since a few days ^. ^)

Also, time for some short news again, mostly about 4.0.3a.

  • Loremaster achievement will stay after the release of 4.0.3a, although all old quests will be deleted from the requirement log.
  • In 4.0.3a, the XP needed to level from 71 to 80 will be reduced with 20%. That’s a lot if you ask me. I knew it was worth to keep all those lowbie alts around :D
  • Also, the new patch will contain many class balances (NERFS OMG), so druids, paladins, priests, and shaman will have their talent points reset.(If you ask me, im not surprised about the classes :D => NERF boomkins, NERF paladins (always), and NERF elemental. BUFF enhancement more btw.

Also, here is a ridiculous video about a mage LoLwTfBBQOn3$h0tPwNz0ring everyone with a steering wheel. Yes. A freakin’ steering wheel. Click to see it.


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