Renaissance of the Death’s Choice

Since the buff of Agility, this trinket became extremely powerful. Even the normal version is better than Whispering Fanged Skull HC. On my hunter, shows 138 DPS difference.

So if you still have one of these in your bank or backpacks, use this!
(Of course the HC version is far superior, no doubt that you’ll need to use that)


One response to “Renaissance of the Death’s Choice

  1. Yeah I was checking out the +Agility trinkets myself on femaledwarf and I found that I’d get a small dps-gain from switching WFS (normal) to Greatness… Oh, Greatness. You won’t ever go away will you? haha.

    By the way, if you’re curious about trinkets for heroics and t11 raiding in cataclysm, check out the blog post I wrote today. Some sick trinkets incoming!



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