Raiding in Practice

It’s a shame, but I must tell you that since 4.0.1 came out, I done an OS25 3D zerg for a friend, and that was all the raiding experience I could get in the patch. That is mainly because I do not care much about content and achievements anymore, since the world’s coming to an end and stuff, you know.

But since I managed to get in (back) in Evil Eye, I went to an ICC25 some days ago, and could see the hunter class’ raiding style in practice. It was annoying as hell to watch focus seriously for the first time, but I did good DPS, been in top 4-5 in almost all fights.
Of course I was MM, and I went with my old wolf pet, since every debuff/buff was given in the raid. Some of the fights were harder, like Lich King, because Tranq Shot costs 35 focus now, so I needed to watch the Enrage CD more carefully. Vile Spirits were much cooler to nuke though.
I also managed to get my first HC token (lol), which is a bit ridiculous since I stacked DKP allllll long when I was raiding, but then the guild disbanded, so I couldn’t get one, which is funny, since aside from t10, I’m nearly full 277.

But before I could gem, reforge and enchant my new chestpiece, I went to the ICC graveyard with my hunter friend and camped alliance for a hour or so. You know, when they wipe on certain encounters, they instantly rez in the GY with 50-60 hp. All I can say is: Explosive Trap. We ganked the topguild Deus Ex and some other guilds over and over. It was hilarious. I made a video, but Youtube blocked it because its soundtrack kicked too much ass. Don’t we ALL love Youtube for doing that?

Finally at around midnight I managed to buy the gems for my new chest, and insert them properly inside. NOT.

Okay, I was tired, so I wasted a few hundred gold. Meh.


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