It began

Finally, the Elemental Invasion event has started.
There is a short questline what leads until Garrosh, and elementals spawn randomly from rifts.

Links what might help you:

Wowpedia description
Wowhead guide

Elemental Invasions
  • Every couple of hours a storm takes hold over one of the cities and you must bunker down and defeat the elementals!
  • At the start of the event you will be asked to place sandbags throughout the city to keep it from flooding.
  • Pick up a sandbag and drop it down in any of the locations with a floating red arrow!
  • Once the city is well fortified with the sandbags rifts will spawn in each district!
  • It is up to you and the rest of the Alliance (or Horde) to destroy the elementals being summoned and finally close off all the rifts in each district!
  • Once all the Rifts have been closed you can head back to the area of the city and enter either the Air Portal or Water Portal to queue up to kill two all new 5-man bosses – Prince Sarsarun and Kai’ju Gahz’rilla.

Many follow-up quests and events are not implemented yet, the event will progress slowly.


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