My collection

So yea, I am a collector, getting oldschool items, and weapons what are obviously designed for hunters.

Let me show you some of the more interesting stuff that I own.

On that first screenshot, you can see me in 8/8 Devout Garb (The priest Dungeon 1 Set), and with two Skullforge Reavers, what are a pretty rare 9% drop from Baron Rivendare in Stratholme. Also they sheath on your back, forming a cool X.

Let’s continue with some stuff I always carry with myself:

These are the Twin Blades of Hakkari, dropping from Bloodlord Mandokir and Hakkar himself in Zul’Gurub. They also sheath on your back, not to mention that ZG will be removed from the game pretty soon :/ Drop rates for these beauties are 9/10 %.

Next one is Zin’Rokh, Destroyer of Worlds, what is a pretty nice name for a sword I guess. Sadly the model has been turned upside down a few months ago, to make this weapon different from its BC copy, Jin’rokh. Not a clever idea I think, but still, this sword is HUGE. Not to mention that this is a hunter weapon, of course.

This is the set called Primal Blessing, another ZG set. These are two fist weapons, with one of them having a shadow bolt proc. But the most cool part is a set bonus, what turns you into a freaking TIGER GOD if it procs(It procs on damage caused by you). These beauties drop from Thekal and Arlokk with a chance of 8%.

There are my bank stuff, there are some weird stuff here aswell. Zul’Gurub hunter set, 6/8 beaststalker (what I actually used back then), and some of my bows/Guns along with the Scout’s tabard what I bought at lvl 29 :)

Here are some of my weapons, for example the first one is Severance, an axe from Naxxramas 40 man, what was removed from the game in WotLK.
There are my S2 and S3 axes, along with the MC Thunderstrike, the BT Polearm, and Hellreaver. Oh boy. I farmed Hellreaver on the 10-day trial of BC. It never dropped, but once it did, 1 minutes before server reset… I finally got it on my 43rd run, so I did not felt like throwing this out. Also you can see Perdition’s blade right there, along with many WotLK weapons.

Now THIS is what we call a Hunter weapon. Since I was in a hardcore raiding guild, after a

time,noone wanted this, and I managed to get the coolest staff out there. I wanted the gems to make absolutely no sense at all. I think I succeeded. This stuff is ridiculous when I combine it with the priest set, and Mongoose flashes around on the staff :D

Also, I own many sets, my favourite is the T1 set with Rhok’delar and Lok’delar. It brings back memories…

Here it is, I used this along with the Scout’s tabard back then. I love that the staff is so simple and primitive, but still, it is beautiful. That was vanilla, where simple things like this
were such big status symbols…

Of course I must tell that there were a lot of horrendous things like the T1 helm or the whole T2 on my opinion – they look ridiculous. But man, look no further than T10 or T9 helms on Blood elf females…

I have a good story about Rhok’delar, what just came into my mind. We were fighting the Iron Council in the early days of Ulduar with Theocracy.

The last boss was close to death,  but it seemed that the raid was more close to wiping. The boss was around 1%, and besides the tanks and a few healers, only me and another DPS was alive, and healers were close to OOM. Thats when my bow decided to break. I don’t know why, but the durability indicator did not show up in time.  I popped Rhok’delar and continued DPSing, and we downed the boss just in time. Since then, I always keep some replacement bows in my backpack.

I also love the creative and various trinkets from the game. There are some interesting pieces, like the BWL Hunter trinket, what causes Arcane Shot to deal AoE damage. There’s that stuff what allows you to MC mechanicals, or the one what spawns a cannon what shoots everything that moves. Or the trinket from Yogg-Saron what I got when we downed him for Alone in the Darkness, the whole raid was full overgeared, including me, but this trinket seemed to me as an upgrade so I got it :D And there are the vanilla trinkets again. Flamethrowers, lightning bolts, Barov’s peasants, earth, wind, fire, all that kind of stuff, felhound minions, mortars, and even invisibility trinkets along with rocket launchers. I always thinked about how can a rocket launcher fit onto someone’s ear…

And the last things I own are the sets. I have full ZG set except trinket, 6/8 beastmaster, 7/8 T1, 4/8 T2, I have two T3 pieces, then comes full S2, 3/5 Tier 5, six pieces from tier 6, and full T7-8-9-10. I also have pvp gears, like warlord set and stuff, and around 5/8 wildheart and shadowcraft or so.

I keep collecting items, because they bring back memories, and after a year or two, they seem to be rare and special.

Hardcore packrats rejoice!


2 responses to “My collection

  1. I really enjoyed your post, and your collection is quite amazing, even if I don’t think I truly appreciate them yet, as I am just getting to understand all the weapons in WoW. I also loved that a few of the items you have can be found sitting in my bank. Makes me feel not as much as a horde for keeping them :P And as for your t9 and t10 comment on female belf… Yeah. I wrote a whole post on it on my blog. I fricken HATE them.


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