Insane hunter bug

What about having infinite pets at once? As of 4.0.1, you can do it easymode. I made four spirit beasts in 5 minutes, and I seen someone running around with at least 25 Loque’nahaks. They rip anything insight to shreds.

Update: I have 25 spirit bears now, noone can dps me down due to constant regen. I have 110 focus constantly. Here’s some light target dummy dps:


7 responses to “Insane hunter bug

  1. Oh wow. And shit. A newbie who I have befriended in WoW told me he saw an orc hunter with a pack of wolves. I told him that he had seen a Shaman. But he was quite persistent. now I have to go back and tell him that he was not seeing things. /sigh. I hate being wrong. Also, I would like to try this out for myself, any idea how?


  2. Just saw the video (the audio was working btw, nice picks)… That stuff is hilarious, I almost fell off my chair! :D

    I imagine this will be hotfixed pretty rapidly, lol.


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