Spirit Beasts and BM

So, why is everyone going insane, camping them for weeks all of a sudden? Because they are worth it.
Here’s a list of their abilities:

Roar of Courage: 155str/agi for 1 min, can be kept up constantly. Similar to the DK buff Horn of Winter.

Spirit Walk: Stealth. 50% speed reduce, 20% damage boost for the first hit. 10 sec cooldown.

Spirit Mend: Heals a friendly target instantly, then for an amount for 10 seconds, with a tick every seconds.

Claw: Focus dump ability, causes some nice damage with 3 sec cooldown.

I happen to own all four of them. I managed to tame Loque’nahak, Gondria and Skoll in one turn, the whole process took around 5 minutes. But I needed stable spaces back then, so I let Loque go. I tamed him three days ago along with Arcturis, the spirit bear.

Born Survivor for the win :D


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