F*k yes. Finally that bastard Baron dropped this beauty, and now I have all three items needed! It may seem strange that I collect stuff like that on my hunter, but when someone is bored with the current content AND cleared it 99.99% (No hc LK, meh), then he must find something to do. I love oldschool things (Vanilla was the best!1!), and I was farming this since long, Garr dropped 3 bindings in a row after two years of farming. That was ridiculous. But i saw one Baron binding and that’s mine now. I soloed it, and for all the hunters who want this, I tell a quick guide. By the way, I only need a bunch of elementium and arcanite for the forging, but I’m kind of broke since patch.

Anyways, here’s the guide on farming Baron Geddon effectively.

Prepare well first, if you can, obtain 2 pieces of tier 5 to heal your pet with damaging. If you can not, 4.0.1 is for the rescue, get a Spirit Beast which can heal, or another tough pet who can heal itself with Growl. To be honest I have the 2-piece T5, so I have not tried the other methods, but they should work. Baron was once a 40-man boss, so he can cause surprises to your pet (not to mention yourself). Back then you also needed the +6 yard range Hawk Eye talent, but now, say hello to 4.0.1 and welcome your base 40 yard range.

Get a friend to be in raid, then venture to the Blackrock Mountain. If you enter from the north, just jump down in the lava, get out right near the wall, and talk to the NPC who teleports you to MC. He’s just around the corner. If you enter from the south, then go to the right, until you get to the northern entrance, then do the same as mentioned above.

If you do not have an MC prequest, thats a tougher story. Pick up the quest from the teleporter NPC, then go into Blackrock Depths. As you approach the fire elemental boss, jump down at the left in the lava, and jump your way until you can get out at the left. Kill the lava pack, and you can choose to loot the quest item from the rock near the instance or just enter Molten Core right away.

So you are inside. Just avoid the two big giants, jump down to the right, run past the elemental, FD and regen if needed. Watch the pattern of the patrolling elemental, and get through the zone, heading towards Garr. Before Garr’s room, the last pack is nearly unavoidable, you can choose to be lucky and pass, or run through and FD. Beware, the Core Hounds have bigger aggro range than other mobs. Once in Garr’s room, take the path to the left in the cave. Now you need to wait and kill a Core hound and an elemental. You get out of that little cave after you are done, and you can see Baron patrolling. Pull the packs back carefully when Baron is away, since if you are fighting them on their original places, it will aggro Baron if he passes by. Now set your pet at Baron’s patrol path, cast Misdirection, and stand to max range, and just nuke down Baron. Max range is important, since it’s needed to outrange Baron’s ability what throws you up in the air AND damages you. If you do everything well, it’s an easy fight.

Good Luck farming!


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