My World of Warcraft “Career”

So, let’s get started with my personal story about how I started playing.

I heard about the game first in the early months of 2005, my classmate played on Xavius in the guild Cold Rage. He was an “off-tank”, whatever that meant to me at that time.  During those times I hated the game and everyone talking about it. I only knew that the game is something like Diablo “but it’s better”. So, my friend spoke all day about this game, telling me things like that he needs a dagger on his rogue, because backstab and ambush are OP. So I asked him what these things are and he described me everything I asked.

Anyways, I was a hardcore CS 1.6 player at that time, so I did not care about him. Then, he gave me the game…

This is how the orc rogue was born on the private server Freelancer. He was named Lolskilled after my CS nick. Yes, my first character was a rogue, I would guess that every noob starts a rogue, and my friend talked about rogues all day (although he had an awful lot of characters). I played a lot with this character, but only reached lvl 36, since I discovered the power of PvP.
At that time, this small server had around 200 players. I however, had 1000-1500 HK’s, so that was quite insane to achieve on that server. I camped alliance starting zones, played tricks with GM’s until they realized that they can kick me actually. I spent hours at Westfall, ganking everyone who I could. This is the place where I must say that (thankfully or not) I had a very-very short “noob period”, thanks to my friend, and to myself since I knew the WoW-handbook inside out. Also I was reading everything about WoW on the web… yes, I was a cube-headed nerd.

Regardless of this nerdiness, I bought the retail game as late as 2006 at the Czech Republic (I am from Hungary). So the dilemma of choosing my allegiance came. My friend told me that if I roll an alliance toon, his friends can boost us and so on. But I was like “WRAAAAAAAAGH-For-the-horde-butchering-is-fun”, and I hated the Alliance like hell. Nevertheless, I rolled a human rogue on Xavius (The worst possible server on Earth), and the fear from the horde EVO guild began. They were known about zerging anyone within 5 minutes if he touched any of their alts. This did not fit my ganking style, and also my friend’s account got hacked, so after lvl 27, I rolled on Bloodscalp EU, and I made an orc hunter, Megapull.

So I started levelling, but of course I stopped at lvl 29 for ganking everyone in lowbie zones. I gathered around 4000 HK’s, mostly from outdoor PvP. Some weeks later, I went to Stormwind, to make my first PvP movie ever. Turned fraps on, walked behind the trees, and the first thing I saw was my friend’s stolen full s1 rogue dueling at SW. He was losing… I turned fraps on, ran out to the road yelling “THIS IS ORGRIMMAR!” and bam, Arcane Shot. I felt like I punished everything I could. This clip and many other 70’s deaths were used as the intro of the movie. After that there is some nifty Robe of Arugal (lol) PvP, including killing a lvl 27 warrior with some 40+guys in my back.

Around these times I made my alt Maedwe, where the main goal was to reach lvl 10, since we talked in the shool with my friends about “Hurr, I make a tauren druid today, go to Orgrimmar and dance in bear form with Giant Growth on.” So this character was lvl 10 for a long time, but I levelled him at the late BC’s to 70, and later to 80 in WotLK.

I finally dinged 60 after around 25 days of playtime. I frapsed when I reached 60, and right after that, a rogue ganked me. Hm, what a fitting beginning for my unlucky gaming progress =). I did not buy BC until season 2, so at that time, between all the 70’s, I started organizing Strat and LBRS runs. I was proud as hell of myself since i had 7/8 beaststalker, and everyone was like “hey, where can I get your shoulders?”. I brought many-many people to these instances, and I enjoyed it a lot. So I waited for MC/Nax runs, when I moved to Sicily for a holiday. Hmm, foreign country, deja vu… I bought Burning Crusade. I leveled my hunter as fast as I could, reaching 70, getting the full Merciless set and awesome PvP times began with my friends (My friend who gave me the game also rolled a hunter on Bloodscalp). Those were the days.

Then I joined my first 25-man raiding guild, Unknown Entity. I learned the basics of BC raiding from here. After that, I joined Obsessed Souls, which was one of the best guilds I have ever seen. We merged with Theocracy soon to begin more hardcore progress, which we did in TK/Hyjal. I got the trinket from the guild first Zul’Jin kill, though I caused a wipe, since the boss somehow threw me out behind the firewall, which was a bug ofcourse. But I managed to find another bug, which allowed to shoot the boss in the face through the stairs, without the need of paying attention about boss abilites and phases. This of course caused overaggro, but that’s what FD is for… *resist* Umm, I guess not. Boss overaggroed and evaded. We downed him on the next try though.

For some reasons I bought WotLK at home. I levelled fast, and cleared Naxx25 pretty fast, though our mage AFKed out on the first KT try. We opened with very great progress as Ulduar came, cleared the first few bosses on the first day, without nerfs or tactics. Then sadly, Theocracy disbanded, and the guild members migrated to high-end guilds. Thats when I joined Mayhem, and we ventured into the depths of Ulduar. Shortly after, I got an invitation from the leader of Conflict, a very good progressing guild on Bloodscalp. I joined them and a few weeks after, I asked “Who is the hunter class leader?”, I got a promote as an answer… So I organized and led many raids, laughed a lot about recruit posts with the other officers. It was so much fun. Sadly, after a year and a half or so, the guild died slowly. That’s when I went to Evil Eye, the oldest and greatest guild on the server along with Fractured. After a few months of raiding, we had attendance problems, so the two guilds merged into Perish.

Perish had the same problems as the majority of the guilds I talked about. I quit the guild yesterday, and applied to Evil Eye again, since it’s leader resurrected the guild.

So we arrived to the present, here I am, Megapull of Bloodscalp :)


One response to “My World of Warcraft “Career”

  1. Really nice written story. And I didn’t knew you had a blog like this. Just noticed in your tag at the EE forum. Keep up the great work.


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