Thekal’s mount and Cataclysm

So, I had luck yesterday, but I think I will never have luck with this one.

Yes, I am talking about the damned Zulian Tiger mount. I’m farming it since 14 months or more. It dropped once, but that time I had a friend with me, oh well. He’s the one who made me play, so he deserves it. Also he was the one who got his Baron mount on his first run after I got mine after a looooad of tries. I got it while the droprate was 1 in 5000. Next week they buffed it to 1% then he sent me an SMS about the drop. Oh, time to name this friend, his name is Azerothh/Yayoo/Yoyo/whatever. He just sold his account after five years of playing. I hope I can get him back to cataclysm anyways.

So here’s how I do the mount farming. (I know that a lot of people know the method, oh well.)

NOTE: The zone will be reworked in Cataclysm, so you won’t be able to get your mount. That’s why I’m so stressed :/

I enter the instance, avoid packs until the first bridge. Then I jump in the water to the left, get out near the road at the north with the crocolisks. I enter Thekal’s room, and clear the wandering tigers first, then I take the two axethrower packs on the sides. Those are the most annoying mobs in-game I think, since they have a weird spell: Channeled stun (Axe Throwing). Man, who the hell channels stun nowadays? So I trap one, nuke them down, leaving the tigers last.

So there is Thekal, and his two buddies, Lor’Khan and Zath. Lor’Khan is a Caster who heals anyone who is dropped to low with a huge amount. They need to die within 10 seconds or so, so zerg tactic does not work. One method is to go marksman, and silence Lor’Khan just in time, but be prepared to get a lot of damage, and stress. The real deal is that it can be bugged. Here’s how.

You pull Thekal on your mount, and run out of his room to the intersection. As soon as he evades, you follow him, and when you meet his tiger adds, stop. It does not work all the time, so be prepared to FD and regen if it does not work. But when it does, adds will despawn and Thekal will switch to Phase 2. Just nuke him down. Beware of his knockback attack, he might toss you into any packs of mobs you left.

He drops a nice fist weapon, some reputation tokens, some blue gear, and about 25 gold. Oh, and a tiger mount.


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