Hunters in 4.0.1 – The Dark Side

Ok, so I love hunters and everything is fine, birds fly around chirping, and flowers rise in our footsteps, huh?
Here’s a list of the majority of hunter bugs in 4.0.1 based upon a forum post made by me.

Pet Bugs

– Pets running away from targets in combat randomly

– Pets switching targets randomly in combat

– Pet has got 25% hp when called, takes 2 seconds to pop to max hp, in combat it stays at 25%

– Pet talents missing or not working (pet retalent, relog, addon clear does NOT solve it.)
Example: I trained charge, worked for the first time, then disappeared from spellbook after dismiss
and recall.

– Pet talents completely disfuctioning or disappearing (Had that only once though)

– Worm Burrow spell sometimes results in an awkward jumping and bouncing animation
([off] Bestial Wrath works while the Bear pet uses its Rest spell <- funny as hell [/off])

– Pet sometimes goes passive after getting feared.

– Pet dies upon resurrection

– Pet happiness indicator does not refresh, just in the character/pet pane.

Hunter ability/mechanic bugs/flaws

– Kill command does not send the pet to attack. (I know the pet needs to be in combat but read further.)

– Kill command range and combat requirement needs awkward techniques to cast the actual spell.

– Pet buffs (Spirit Bond, Ferocious inspiration) disappearing from buff bar (Although we still have the
spell, and other classes have the same issues aswell)

– If a hunter has less than maximum (4 atm) pets stored, the Call pet’s flyout bar bugs sometimes,
and fills out the remaining slots with the last targeted mobs’ name. (I had Venomous Snake there
for example.)

– Mirrored Blades does reflect debuffs, but not damaging spells.

– Mend pet heals for different amounts depending player location (Inn/BG)

– Ammo spawns in the hunter’s hand when pulling the string.

– Improved Steady Shot fails to work when you fire an Arcane Shot right after the second Steady.

– Trap Launcher can get stuck on its tooltip and cause problems laying traps.


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