Hunters in 4.0.1 – Short personal opinion

So, the greatly feared patch arrived,  and here is my personal review about the patch, compressed to short.

Note: No Guide or detailed information is included, I will post a detailed guide within a few days.
(Guide done, it’s in the link above)

I like the focus implement, its fun to manage it. BM is very fun to PvP with, as well as doing instances, though the PvE part is weaker a bit, since we do not have Cobra Shot yet. MM is ok as well, though Aimed Shot sure needs a buff.

I think MM’s PvE rotation is easier than BM’s, since it’s more stabilized and does not rely as much on procs as BM does. Also BM requires more focus management, but still I prefer BM.

Glyphs are awesome. But on the new talents: They are too damn simple. It is clear that what talent is needed the most for each situation. There is not much room for manipulation either. However they are nicely compressed, every key element was kept.

4.0.1 pulled a bunch of things after it’s tail, what are a bit annoying though. All hunters went BM, at least for offspec. That caused everyone camping rare pets and harassing each other when taming one. Also, many BM hunters forgot that BM needs some brain aswell, not just mashing the Big Red Button. When the buff to various classes arrived in a hotfix, everyone QQed a lot like “I can’t beat warriors in 2 seconds anymore!”.

Yes, they are right, just i saw an awful lot of hunters not using serpent sting and concussive shot when kiting a warrior after BW is over, since they got used to warriors dying before BW is off. Also not using deterrence in bladestorm… sigh.

Though I feel that the patch is OK, I will post another article about the other side of the coin shortly.


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